The ‘École Nationale du Jeu et des Médias Interactifs Numériques’ 

Cnam-Enjmin’s vocation is to provide training leading to diplomas that will equip graduates with the right skills to enter the various sectors of the game and digital industries.
Cnam-Enjmin is a key component of the ‘Campus Image’ in Angoulême, where 900 students are enrolled in 8 different schools.

The CNAM-ENJMIN Videogame Workshop

Organized around a dozen conferences, these workshops have as main objective to allow the meeting between the students and the professionals of the video game industry in France and abroad.
  • These special moments of exchange provide a unique opportunity for future professionals to learn from the experiences of key people in the industrial and creative video game industry.
  • Indeed, the speakers not only deal with precise technical and creative questions but also evoke their respective backgrounds, their visions of the job and engage in a reflection on the stakes and the evolutions of this sector of activity.

Cnam-Enjmin’s objectives

Train future industry professionals, researchers and artists to the highest level.

Foster fundamental and applied research in those scientific and technical fields that are the backbone of interactive media.

Provide new openings to people already working in the audiovisual sector and who wish to take a new direction and obtain a qualification.

Help current and past students to find the funding they need to start their own company or create a digital media artefact.

Facilitate face-to-face and virtual international exchanges between professional artists and researchers in interactive digital media.