Ubisoft™Education, Games & XR

The CampTech For Good

Viborg Animation WorkshopAnimation for Impact

Encounters FestivalCreating Emotion in Games, XR & Animation

CNAM-EnjminVideogame Workshops

Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg FMX

MagelisVideogame Economics Forum

IBM™ – Virtual Web Conference

Deutsche Telekom™ – Digital Entertainment Awards

SACD – Transmedia challenge

Grand LyonWeb Blend Mix Preplanning Study

CITIAConferences Annecy International Animation Film Festival 2003

CNAM PACATransmedia Masterclasses

MagelisInternational Forum for Animation Technologies  (FITA)

HP™ – French DCC Market Survey

EST Ensemble – Game Event Preplanning Study


IdateDigiworld Game Summit

Adobe™ – Architecture Seminar

Monaco MediaxImagina

Interactive OntarioGame on Ventures

AutodeskGames for Change Students Challenge

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