THE REALTIME CONFERENCE is a new cross-industry simultaneously co-located event
devoted to the impact real-time is having on art, technology, business, and society.

Using cuting-edge immersive technology, RTC offers a unique worldwide collaborative interdisciplinary platform.
For the first time ever, real-time technologies can persuasively expand from the media & entertainment industries to all industries across the board.

The video game industry has developed real-time engines, enabling more content creators to produce increasingly sophisticated interactive experiences for millions of users.
For the first time ever, real-time technologies can convincingly expand from games to film, television, location based entertainment… Virtual Production offers an opportunity to redesign thewhole process of filmmaking ; real-time tools bridge the gap between animated short films and video games experiences ; researchers start to create lifelike digital humans…

For many years, Real-Time technology has become fundamental for many industries. Each industry has developed a sophisticated combination of tailored real-time tools that play a critical role in their business.
Early adoption and success in Games and the wider Entertainment industry has propelled the adoption and evolution of how real-time technology can be used.
These new tools are enabling creativity, delivering growth, creating competitive disruptions and opening up new markets across the globe.

With GPUs, cloud infrastructure, high-speed internet, quantum computing, computer vision, AI, AR and VR all galloping ahead, in consort with the explosion of connected consumer devices, real-time is rapidly becoming the real world for all industries.
Remote interactivity, photorealistic imagery, simulation and procedural workflows are all seeing explosive growth through the use of real-time tools and processes.

The RealTime Conference is your venue to preview that transformative power!

Games for Change promotes the creation and distribution of social impact games
that serve as contemporary and sustainable tools in humanitarian and educational efforts.

G4CE Education Seminars brings together the European community of Educators, Game Designers, and Cognitive Pedagogy Specialists for a series of panels, workshops, and keynote sessions. This seminar offers a unique opportunity to meet with Ubisoft executives; mingle with French Ministry of Education representatives; and learn about educational videogame opportunities in Europe. Participants are also invited to visit the prestigious Gobelins School – ranked #1 Animation School in the world – and to join speakers on a VIP Dinner Cruise on River Seine!

NX Publishing is proud to partner with Encounters Festival, the UK leading short film, animation and virtual reality festival. “Emotional Storytelling” is no longer the sole privilege of linear media. Games, VR, AR & MR can also evoke strong feelings – and not just excitement and fear, but humor and passion and sadness. “Creating Emotion in Games, XR & Animation for Impact” seminar brings together worldwide experts who showcase their work and explore the ways in which emotions are created in Games, XR and Animation for impact.

Compulsive game playing is now a mental health condition, the World Health Organization announced Monday June 18, 2018 in the latest edition of its disease classification manual. This decision raises important questions about the impact of games on the mental health of the people who use them. A perfect opportunity for NX Publishing & Games for Change Europe to organize a one-day seminar about “Games: Pleasure & Dependence” and to gather Gamers, Game Designers, Parents, Analytics Specialists, Educators, Cognitive Neuroscience Experts, Publishers, and Psychotherapists.

In 2018, NX Publishing, G4CE, The Animation Workshop and Sybo Games joined forces to create a three day Festival dedicated to Animation – Virtual/Mixed/Augmented Reality – Videogames for Impact. For three days, three communities shared ideas, created together, and more importantly, jammed together under the guidance of some of the most talented Animators, Game Designers, Storytellers, Sound Designers, and UX worldwide specialists, and create prototypes, which will rock this world and make it a better place.

The Camp is the first European campus dedicated to emerging technology and social innovation. NX Publishing designed for thecampa spectacular seminar dedicated to Virtual, Mixed and Augmented Reality for Social Impact.  A fantastic opportunity to discover the Art and Science of designing VR games for Mental Health, dive into Neuroscience, VR, and Social Impact, push the boundaries of multi-user room scale VR Experiences, get immersed in a refugee camp or jump into the middle of a terrorist attack, and join a master class on building for empathy and presence in VR/AR…